1. Each team squad can have a maximum of 20 members. KCL Organizing Committee will verify the official email IDs of the participants and in case of email delivery failure, the player will not be allowed to play the tournament.
  2. No alteration can be made after the submission of the team squad. The original Office ID cards of the players will be verified prior to the start of every match. Players without original Office ID cards will not be allowed to play the match.
  3. If there are any restrictions on sharing official email IDs, or if ID cards are missing or temporary, an official bonafide letter must be submitted. All bonafide certificates must be printed on official letterhead and include photos. For soft copy photos, a single consolidated official seal is sufficient. For hard copy photos, each must bear the official company seal. This requirement is mandatory for all photos. Contractors, temporary employees, and vendors are not allowed to participate in the tournament.
  4. All the matches are scheduled to be played only on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays, max of 7 weekends). League matches will be contested on first three weekends and the knockouts will be held on the following weekends. No adjustments can be made once KCL committee announces the fixtures. Requests for postponement or shifting of match dates will not be entertained.
  5. All teams will be randomly divided into groups of 4 teams each. The preliminary matches will be conducted on league basis. A team will play against every other team in the group and every win fetches 2 points. The top 2 teams from each group will move to the knock out stages.
  6. Qualified officials will be appointed as umpires. The decision of the umpire will be final in all matters during the match. Any thoughts against the umpires call will not be entertained.
  7. Up to the finale, each innings will consist of a maximum of 10 overs, with five bowlers allowed to bowl up to two overs each. The wicket-keeper is permitted to bowl the immediate over.
  8. A new hard red tennis ball will be provided to the bowling team at the start of the innings. In case of the ball being lost or damaged, the ball will be replaced with another used ball upon umpire’s approval.
  9. Teams must report on ground 20 minutes prior to the commencement of the match. At the reporting time, if a team has only less than 6 players or no player is present to report, the situation will be considered as walk-over and the opposite team will be declared winners with 2 points. If a team has 6 or more members, the match will be played with only those players. Players joining the team after the start of the match will not be allowed to join the match. In the event of both the team’s absence, match will be called off and no points will be awarded.
  10. KCL will provide only cricket balls and wickets for every match. All other required cricket equipment should be brought by the teams. KCL will not provide cricket balls for practicing.
  11. In case of conditional barriers such as rain affected pitches, bad weather, light issues, time constraints before the start of the match, the umpires will decide the fate of the match if to be played on a different date or if a shortened version of the game will be conducted.
  12. In case of a play interruption (during the course of the match) due to reasons such as bad weather or rain, the match will be paused and resumed later or on a different day based with the same set of players on the schedule or on the available time slots. However, the matches will not be restarted.
  13. KCL is not responsible for player injuries or adverse effects to player’s health taking place during the course of the tournament. However, KCL will be providing first-aid kits and drinking water during the tournament at all grounds.
  14. Except for leg byes and LBW, almost all other major cricket rules are applicable and no by-runners will be permitted.
  15. Only regulated bats with the given measurements are permitted, i.e., *Scoop, Mongoose, Ceylon, Kerala, or any other customized bats* will NOT be permitted.
  16. The KCL Organizing Committee has sole authority over changing the venues and schedules. The decision of the KCL committee will be final at any ambiguity over the rules discussed in here.


  1. A ball pitched outside the mat will not be counted as a legal delivery. Balls moving beyond the wide line will be declared wide, awarding one run to the batting team and requiring a re-ball. Balls swinging inside the wide line or hit by the batsman with the bat will be declared dead, requiring a re-ball without awarding a run to the batting team.
  2. In case of a half-mat match, bowled balls pitching short off the half mat will not be counted as a delivery. No runs will be rewarded to the batting team for this.
  3. A bowler is allowed to bowl only one bouncer per over.
  4. The bowler can quit the over only due to one of the two reasons provided below:
    • Got injured (e.g. pulled hamstring) in the middle of an over and thereby cannot bowl without the risk of worsening the injury.
    • Has bowled two 'beamer' deliveries till that point of match.
    In either case, some other player of the bowling team will bowl the remaining deliveries of that incomplete over. These deliveries will be included for computation of maximum overs a bowler can bowl.
  5. An over should be bowled within 4 mins, which means the bowling team must bowl 10 overs within 40 mins (apart from play stoppage). If the bowling team takes extra time to bowl 10 overs, the batting team will be awarded 6 runs an over for the number of overs bowled in extra time. There will not be any penalty to the bowling side, if the batting team is all out within 40 mins.
  6. In case the stumps/bails have been knocked off already, the stumps must be uprooted to dismiss (run-out, stumping) the batsman.
  7. The batting team will be awarded a 'free hit' following any kind of no-ball such as overstep, beamer, illegal action by the bowler, movements by a fielder, imbalanced fielding positions on umpire’s call. The fielders are restricted to change their fielding positions for free hit unless the batsmen cross over.

Fielding restrictions

  1. A minimum of six fielders (including bowler and the wicket keeper) should be positioned within the 30 yard circle. Only five fielders will be allowed on the on-side of the batsman including the bowler throughout the match. A maximum of 2 fielders (one inside and one outside the 30 yard circle) can be placed behind the leg umpire.
  2. In case of the bowling team playing with less than 11 players, the credit of field position favours the batting team. A minimum of six fielders (including bowler and the wicket keeper) should be positioned within the 30-yard circle.


  1. In case of a tie in a match, the winner will be decided by a Super Over (one-over eliminator). If there is a tie in the Super Over, another Super Over will be played as the sole decider. This process continues until a winner is decided.
  2. After the league stage, in case of a dead-lock/tie in total points between teams, the Net Run Rate (NRR) will be considered to qualify to the knock-out matches.
  3. Only during a case of any walk-over in the group, the Net Run Rate (NRR) gained/lost with the walked over team will be deducted from the remaining teams in the group.


  1. Substitute for a player will be allowed only if the player is injured on the field and approved by the umpire.
  2. On-field injured batsman can retire-hurt upon umpire’s approval. The retired-hurt batsman can return to bat upon dismissal of further 3 batsmen or as the 11th batsman in the team, whichever is earlier. The player should notify the umpire before entering the field again.
  3. A batsman is considered retired-out if he retires without the umpire's permission and does not have the permission of the opposition captain to resume his innings. The wicket shall be declared for the team. Also, batsman walking out for any other reasons will also be declared retired-out.


  1. Smoking, chewing of tobacco, consumption of alcohol, verbal or physical abuse, and any sort of rude behavior inside the venue is strictly offensive. KCL or the venue partners will exercise immediate suspension on players/teams behaving offensively. On suspension of a player, the team will not be allowed to bring-in replacement for the player.
  2. Misconduct or walk-aways from the ground during the playtime will lead to penalties upto disqualification.
  3. Every player of a team must adhere to a fixed dress code (short pants and slippers/chappals are restricted).
  4. A player can play/represent only one team in the tournament. Players representing more than one team will be disqualified from the tournament.
  5. Foul language on the field during play or misbehaving with the umpires will result in the player being suspended from playing the current match or/and next match or even from the tournament. There will be no replacement for this suspension.
  6. The players are not allowed to run/walk on the mat. Batsmen running between the wickets are expected to run wide of the mat.
  7. If any player is claimed not to be part of the current company, the captain or vice-captain must provide the required official proofs/documents, such as the offer letter, joining letter, PF details, payslips, and bank account statements, to the organizing committee. Failure to provide the required proof(s) will result in the immediate disqualification of the entire team.
  8. Except the playing members and umpires, no members are allowed to enter field during the play time. At any cost, umpire’s permission is imperative to enter the field for catering to player needs such as change of equipment or rehydration.
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